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From Sean Stephenson:

“Go for the GAP, not the FED”

Happy, productive, successful people focus on GAP.

Depressed, miserable people focus on FED.


G = Goals                  What you WANT

A=Appreciations      What you HAVE

P=Preferences         What you PREFER (Like)


F=Fears                     What you DON’T WANT

E=Envies                   What you DON’T HAVE

D=Dislike                   What you DON’T LIKE (What Irritates or Upsets You)

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The new 2010 promo made by Versus. Deals with flies in your soup and second place. So you KNOW I had to put it up and get the lyrics down.

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Undoubtedly one of the best aspects of WordPress is the huge range of plugins available to enhance the functionality of your site.   There are plugins that cover almost every function you can imagine.

However, there is a downside of having access thousands of freely available plugins and that is some of plugins can be real resource hogs and slow down your site.   Not only is that undesirable from a user perspective, it also has an impact (albeit small) on your SEO, as site load times are one of the factors that Google uses in its ranking algorithm.

So how do you determine if there are any plugins slowing down your WordPress site?

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After having upgraded to WordPress 3.5 and having transferred my prototype website to a live webhost, a few funky things started to happen. One of which was my wordpress post/page editor displays all my content in white so the only way to see the content was to highlight the space. However, after doing a bit of research, I found my answer on a WordPress Answers Post mentioning the possibility that a file or so may have been corrupt or missing during that transfer and or update.

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